Only Half Wrong

Well for those of you who were paying keen attention, or who are now looking back and reading my earlier blog, I will go ahead and take this opportunity to admit that I was wrong.  I rarely do that, so mark this date in your calendar.  I predicted that the North Carolina Tar Heels would beat the Kansas Jayhawks by a score of 78-71 and that they would do so on the backs of Tyler Hansbrough and Ty Lawson as they had been doing throughout the season and thus far in the tournament.  Well, clearly, I am less clairvoyant than I thought I was.  The Jayhawks ripped the Tar Heels 84-66, the type of blowout win that you don’t expect to see this deep into the tournament, and certainly not the type you expect a team like Kansas to have against a team like North Carolina.  I’m sure a lot of people picked Kansas to win, but I doubt anyone predicted that kind of point spread.  Brandon Rush showed up in a big way for the Jayhawks, scoring 25 points and pulling 7 rebounds, in the first game after disappearing entirely for most of the game against Davidson.  Tyler Hansbrough managed to put up decent numbers with 17 points and 9 rebounds, but it wasn’t enough to keep his team’s championship hopes alive.

I was right about Memphis beating UCLA, although I didn’t get the point spread right.  But with that win, Memphis has won more games during a season than any other team in major college basketball history, yet another record which has been broken during this year’s tournament.  What this sets up is a matchup Monday night that pits two of the nation’s quickest teams against each other in a fast-break battle for the NCAA National Title.  You better believe the Bill Self and John Calipari are going to have their troops ready to go for this one.  I’m taking Memphis in a close one, 75-72.

Also, I gotta give some major props to the ladies from Stanford, who just knocked off the No. 1 seeded UConn Huskies, the team picked by many to win the championship.  At least someone is holding it down for the Pac-10.  Does anyone not know how good Candice Wiggins is yet?  Candace Parker is super-legit too, and I’m hoping that she and the rest of Pat Summitt’s Lady Vol’s can knock off LSU to set up what would actually be a women’s championship game that would be interesting to watch even for those fans that can’t quite stomach women’s basketball.  The battle of the Candi(a)ces for basketball supremacy!  Let’s see what the Tigers have to say about that.


One Response to Only Half Wrong

  1. Limited Edition says:

    Yeah we should know better than to pick anyone over Kansas by now lol

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