Best in Football: pt 1

Ok.  I think it’s time to start a heated debate.


Through this whole blogging experience, I’ve voiced some of my opinions, but so far none of them have been too controversial.  Save for PERHAPS the Ryan Perrilloux discussion.  Thus said, it’s high time for me to earn some comments, regardless of their nature.  If after this post, you want to leave me the most flaming disagreement ever written, I would be pleased as punch.  Or, perhaps you would like to agree fervently and tell me I’m the smartest online writer you’ve ever encountered, however unlikely or untrue that may be.  That said, let’s begin.


Every college football season, commentators, on-air personalities and analysts argue over the same things.  One of the most prevalent all season long is the debate as to which college football conference is the best.  Due to their storied tradition and their home region’s life and death dependence on college football, most people tend to agree that the SEC is the most dominant, most important, and most intensely competitive conference by a long shot.  However, with the perennial success and national respect that USC has enjoyed for the past couple decades, the Pac-10 seems to enter the conversation every year.  At least in the past five or six seasons.  But it’s not completely due to USC.  A number of other programs have emerged as perennial contenders.


Take the University of Oregon for example.  Led by “The Dean of the Pac-10,” coach Mike Bellotti, the Ducks have been a consistent force to be reckoned with for the past 15 years.  With appearances in the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl (2001 38-16 stomping of Colorado) and multiple Holiday and Sun Bowl appearances (including last season’s 56-21 embarrassment of South Florida), the Ducks have established themselves as a nationally important team.  Recently, QB Dennis Dixon and RB Jonathan Stewart contributed to the Ducks’ prestige by putting up monster numbers throughout the season, and securing such big-time wins as the 39-7 shellacking they put on Michigan in the Big House immediately following the upset that Appalachian State was able to pull out against the Wolverines, and the big time win at home verses USC, a game which was nationally televised and spoke volumes about USC’s supposed stranglehold on the conference.  I could go into much greater detail, but you already know I’m a Ducks fan, so I’ll cite some others.  (TO BE CONTINUED)


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