A lot of hubbub has resulted from the University of Oregon’s tendency to rock all different kinds of crazy uniforms lately.  They have a pretty huge deal with Nike, whose president, Phil Knight, founded the company along with former track coach Bill Bowerman on the campus of the U of O back in the glory days of TrackTown, USA, Eugene, Oregon.  They started out with a waffle iron and a sewing machine, making shoes for Oregon’s track athletes and scheming up business plans.  Now they’ve become one of the most profitable apparel companies in the world.


One of the side effects of that whole progression is that the Ducks get special attention when it comes to uniform design.  Many of you have probably seen their lineup of football jerseys, but just in case, here is a link to what they look like.


They have gone through some transitions over the past decade or so, switching from the old school varsity style lettering and basic solid colors and tubing accents of the nineties into the Roboduck look of the Joey Harrington/Maurice Morris/Onterrio Smith years, dabbling with some funny rounded shapes of green and yellow during the Jason Fife/Kellen Clemens era, and have finally arrived where they are today.


A lot of people can’t stand their uni’s, suggesting that they are too busy, too diverse, or downright ugly.  I for one love the look.  They have 48 different combinations, featuring three different helmet colors (green, yellow, which should never be worn again, and white) and also a bunch of jersey and pant variations from all black to all white and including various combinations of green and yellow.  Plus, on the shoulder and knee pads, they have that diamond plating pattern that makes them look as though they were built from steel like a truckbed or a running board.  They look tough, and I absolutely love when they play home games in all black and green.  The best phrase to describe their all-dark look is “smooth criminals.”


I already wrote about one of the newest additions to the football roster, LaGarrette Blount, and mentioned that the combo of uniforms was appealing to him.  The coolest part was that he mentioned that he loved the multiple uni’s because he didn’t want to play for a team that seems stagnant, and with a new look every game, it’s hard to look anything other than fresh.


People can whine about the deal with Nike all they want, but they are probably just jealous that their school’s deal with Nike is worth a lot less money.




Whine some more – Beaver and Husky fans

Look like pimps – Oregon Ducks

Make bank for years to come – Nike

Be able to live off the money he already has forever – Phil Knight

Lose if they wear the yellow helmets again – Oregon Ducks

Buy a jersey – me


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