Super Silly

One of the most fascinating things on the periphery of the sporting world is superstition.  Superstitions range from the expected to the absolutely absurd.  And they aren’t just left for the players.  They are in fact probably more fun to talk about in regards to the fans.  Sure, there have been some documented superstitions from major athletes, like eating chicken in the dugout, drawing crosses on the pitcher’s mound, wearing one’s old school shorts underneath their jersey, even wearing the opposing team’s uniform the night before.  But surely one would expect to find much more variation and aforementioned absurdity amongst the millions of sports fans.


We all saw that Coke commercial with that guy from Virginia Tech drinking enough cans of Coke while watching the game to spell out the VT logo, and as much as I love the excitement and pageantry in that ritual, my heart goes out to his pancreas.  Good luck with diabetes, VT guy.


You may have also seen that commercial with the Texas Longhorns fan freaking out after his team loses a game.  He runs to the closet, rips off the jersey his is wearing, and pulls out one of the many other identical jerseys he has in his closet.  Surely winning and losing is all in the threads.


I have my own rituals.  Being a ridiculously passionate Oregon Ducks fan, I must wear Oregon gear on game day.  That seems simple enough right?  Well it doesn’t stop there.  After every touchdown or field goal, I have to crank out pushups equivalent to the score.  Pssssh, oh please Denby, any major college football fan cranks out some pushups.  I’ll keep going.  I have a lucky keychain with a squishy Oregon helmet on it, and when I really need them to do well, I press on that thing with my right thumb.  If I realize at some point during the game we are not doing well, I analyze the position in which I am sitting, and the number of Oregon themed articles I am wearing.  If I come to find out that I am wearing an even number of articles, I rectify the situation immediately by adding one and making the total number odd.  Sometimes, I even pray, but I’m not sure that counts as superstition.


When I was younger, I had crazy rituals for the night before a basketball game.  I used to eat three bowls of Trix, followed by one in the morning, and I had a specific shower routine.  I would first wash my hair, what little of it I may have had, and then I would scrub myself all over and then scrub only in places where I felt an itchy sensation.  Then, once nothing itched, I would wash my face.  If for some reason, I was distracted and did these things out of order, I would start over and do it all again.


The day of the game, I would kiss the roadrunner logo in the middle of our court three times, usually during our pre-game warm-up.  I would sit cross-legged in the middle of it, eyes closed, meditating on an awesome athletic performance, and if anybody bothered me, I’d start again until I mentally spoke myself all the way through this sequence of positive thoughts.


Am I the only one who does a bunch of weird stuff like this?




Think I’m crazy – you

Win because I’m such a good fan – Oregon Ducks

Know from the get-go that I’m wearing three articles – me

Get diabetes – VT guy

Hook ‘em – Texas Guy

Not make any difference whatsoever – fan rituals


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