“Where Wings Take Dream”

June 24, 2009


“No more neon-piss-colored helmets?  We might actually make it to a BCS bowl!”

carbon helmetThat’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the Oregon Ducks Football team has done it again.  Their fourth major uniform redesign this decade.  Honestly, I really liked the diamond plating look of the previous rotation of jerseys, but I would definitely say that of all of the schemes they’ve worn over the past ten years, this is probably the best all around uniform package.  Why?  Because they minimize the use of yellow, and the yellow that they are going with is a much softer, less visually abrasive tone.  They got rid of those atrocious yellow helmets from the last two seasons, you remember, the ones that look kind of like your pee looks after you drink a triple shot RockStar?  Those things were awful, and I think we had a losing record while wearing them, including a terrible showing in the Las Vegas bowl a few years back.  The current helmet options are much better, featuring the classic shiny green, the white-out look, a new matte black helmet and a super cool-looking carbon fiber finish helmet with a steel “O” logo (photo at top).  They have eliminated the yellow pants from the rotation (great idea) and have changed the font a bit to make the numbers more readable.  The only other major change is the new wing design that was featured on their “Lights Out” uniform, which they wore last year during the Arizona game.  That design has replaced the diamond plating on the shoulder pads, and is apparently more durable than the older jerseys in the shoulder area specifically.

Now that we have eliminated some of the ugliest combinations from the rotation, we might actually be poised to win a conference title and advance to a BCS bowl.  Some of you are probably laughing, thinking that having cool looking jerseys isn’t going to make a difference, especially if you are a Virginia Tech or Clemson fan.  But you know what they say.  You gotta dress for success, baby.

Here are some pictures…

 all jerseysHow dope is this alternate away look?Not nearly as bad as old yellow looks...

And a link to a video from the Register Guard…

For more in depth information about the new uni’s, check out KATU or GoDucks.com


Redesign in another 2-3 years – Oregon Ducks
Finally win the conference again – Oregon Ducks
Bitch and moan about new jerseys – Beaver fans, Husky fans, Cal fans
Pull high profile recruits due to non-stagnant unis and nice facilities – Oregon Ducks
Get thumped at Autzen regardless of uniforms – Daaaaaa Beavs