denby: all in your ear

Anybody want to hear me spout of about a much broader range of topics than are featured on this blog so far?  Check out my new website, denby: all in your ear

You should already know that I am a communications major and that my goal is to wind up on FM somewhere someday, and in pursuit of that goal, I thought it would be un buen idea to take a stab at posting some short little podcasts to try to get familiar with the mic, the mixer, and the media world.  So far the content is a bit limited, but keep in mind that I am barely getting my feet wet, and keep checkin back in from time to time to see what else the homies and I record.  In the near future I would like to diversify my portfolio a little bit and post some music from me and the rest of my incredibly musical friends (you know who you are) and include some other juicy bits of information like nutrition tips from my sister the registered dietician, sports banter with my fellow ballers, and whatever else we can put together.

So please, if you think you are cool enough to be on the show with me, or if you have any great ideas that you would like to see manifested into online radio genius, email me at and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s another link…  denby: all in your ear


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