Danelove, Back in the Metaphorical Building

August 31, 2008
Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

Well I’ll be.  Turns out I finally decided to keep this blog going.  If you have paid any attention whatsoever to my posts in the past, or if you have taken a moment to read my about page, my primary focus is college sports.  However, now that this blog exists solely as a venue for me to express myself and publish the many random ponderings that I undertake as I make my way through life instead of as an assignment for one of my classes (the reason I ever started this in the first place), all those lucky enough to stumble upon this page will have their lives enriched in more areas that just collegiate athletic knowledge.  Who knows, perhaps through my endless ranting about things I love, hate, find peculiar or particularly important, someone’s life will be changed for the better, and I will have ultimately succeeded in doing what it was that I set out to do; earn readers.

It is probably pretty obvious to anyone who actually knows me what the motivation for getting back into the blogosphere was.  College Football season kicked off this weekend, and lots of unexpected things happened, along with some very expected and highly regular things.  But there is much to say about the first few days, and I will be posting my thoughts and observations later this evening.

I hope everyone’s summer has been at least as fun and interesting as mine, which was filled with periods of nomadic wandering amongst long, boring stretches of nothing but waiting for the football season and staying up late watching Planet Earth eating ramen.  Can’t wait to get back to the LSU campus for fall term!


Allow this blog to fall off again somewhere mid-season – me
Watch football every Saturday and not give a rat’s ass on Sunday – me again
Have a barbeque when Cal hosts Oregon – JReezy and me
Never read this post – Anybody
Not care if anyone reads it – Still me